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Having A Pet Accompany You During Your Long Distance Transport is A Great Way To Relieve Tension & Make The Trip More Enjoyable

In a recent survey by the American Animal Hospital Association, 57 percent of pet owners indicated that if they were stranded on a desert island, they would prefer the company of their pet to another human. Simply put, it makes us happy to experience the wagging tails, enthusiastic greetings, amusing antics and utter devotion of our pets. And research demonstrates that, on average, pets help keep their owners healthy and active.

Research has shown positive interaction with a pet can have a calming influence on people's physical and mental states. Other studies show that elderly people caring for a pet improve their overall health compared to their peers living without animals in the home. Other research has correlated pet ownership with the following health benefits:

  • Lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels

  • Better psychological health

  • Lower heart attack rates

  • Higher survival rates following coronary heart disease

  • Enhanced self-esteem and social interaction


We at National Medical Transport understand the love and devotion you have to your furry companion, and that is why we offer the option of medical transport with the transportation of a small pet along with you. Our medical coach is equipped with an area to keep your pet’s carrier nearby during non emergency medical transport. During your long distance medical transport, you can rest assured that our professional and loving staff will care for and feed your furry friend until you arrive at your destination.

Although we do offer this service, please keep in mind we have restrictions due to the delicate nature and respect we have for our clients’ and personnel’s health and well-being. During non emergency medical transport, our support personnel will help care for your small pet, offer walking and potty breaks. If you require elderly travel and are able to walk, you may walk your pet during the scheduled stops for our medical coach.

Please keep in mind the following restrictions apply to all clients wishing to be accompanied by their pet during elderly travel, handicap travel or disabled travel. We would like to make your long distance medical transport feel more like home, but we must abide by these restrictions to keep our long distance medical transport service safe for everyone aboard the medical coach.

  • Small dogs & cats (under 20 pounds) are allowed

  • The pet must remain in a pet carrier at all times, unless being walked for potty breaks

  • Pet carrier must have solid walls on all sides except for door access

  • Staff will walk dogs during stops

  • Cats may accompany the client in exactly the same manner, meeting the same requirements

  • Cat carrier must be large enough for a small litter box

  • Please provide sufficient pet food for the length of the trip

  • Dogs and Cats must be friendly/sociable and well groomed

  • All pets boarding must be flea free, odorless, and have all shots up to date with proof of immunizations on hand. These are hard fast rules with no exceptions

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